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Financing the Business

• Companies wanting to restructure their debt, because their interest rate is too high,the payment is too large,
  or their current lender is placing restrictions on the company that the company is not able to meet.
• Companies wanting to obtain additional working capital for their businesses.
• Buyers needing money to purchase a business on franchise.

The Sterling Business Brokerage Group works with a number of different lenders to get the best possible rates and terms for our clients. From a financing standpoint, we will not just turn a company down for financing just because the company is distressed, or having difficulties. In fact, several of the lenders we work with specialize in distressed companies.

We also work with a number of different lenders who provide financing for individuals and companies wishing to purchase another business. Often, the rates and terms are very attractive. We work with both Small Business Administration loan-guaranteed lenders, as well as lenders who do provide SBA financing.

Let us see what we can to help you obtain new financing.

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